Introduce Yourself

Although I started this blog without sharing it with anyone I knew, I’m finding people visit fairly regularly. I’ve now shared my blog with a handful of friends, but for those who visit, I would love to know a little about you and what you are passionate about.  Feel free to leave a link to your blog or one of your favorite posts at your own or another person’s blog.

I love authentic community, heartfelt writing, and story. I am a follower of Christ and lover of creation.

What’s your story? Who and what do you love?

  1. Hello, it’s wonderful to meet you. I subscribed to your blog and look forward to your posts.

    God’s best to you,

  2. Mary – Thank you for stopping by my blog. I stopped by yours, too. Wow! You inspire me. Looking forward to reading more of your story. –Godspeed, Elizabeth

  3. Elizabeth,

    I love to read your posts. It is like you are looking into my heart.

    Best wishes for continued success. You have a true gift.


  4. Hello, Yes I already made a comment on your post about serving the homeless, and a link to my blog. But I can say that I enjoy exploring the true meaning of Christianity, which I believe is to simply serve others. I am passionate about living a simple life and increasing communication with God through the teachings of Jesus. Thank you.

  5. Hello. I stumbled across your blog and love your entries. My name is JR in San Francisco, California. Look forward to reading more of your entries.

  6. Elizabeth,
    I stumbled, or was led to your blog about a year ago. As a recent transplant to Oregon, I find myself longing for my soul mate friends that are no longer near to me. Your writing resonates with me and makes me feel like I have found a friend. Am so glad you are back writing.

    • Claudia –
      I’m so glad you introduced yourself. If you are in the Portland area, or not far from Portland, it would be fun to meet for tea. I know what it is like to move to a new place and start over. Feel free to email me at Even if we can’t meet, I’m blessed to have you as a reader and you inspire me to continue writing.

  7. Hi Elizabeth,

    I followed you from Linda K’s blog 🙂

    I’ve been hopscotching around your blog and I like what I see. May He continue to inspire you to share His love with others. 🙂

    I’ve been writing for many moons but I’ve only started at WordPress a little over a year now.


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