I love the gift of gratitude.  A fellow blogger, Ann Voskamp of A Holy Experience, started what she calls a gratitude community.  The idea, as her site explains, is to count the gifts we have.  To make this a regular practice.  So, beginning today, April 29, 2010, I am joining the Gratitude Community.

1.  Days with bursts of hail and rain followed by blinding sunshine

2. A husband I can lean on and receive encouragement from

3. A son who is seeking to find his own way in the world

4. A daughter who has an eye for beauty

5. A job that I love

6. Seven colleagues who make my work a joy

7. A sister who I’m getting to know more and more every day

8. The birds whose songs I wake to every morning

9. A husband who knows I don’t like to shop, and so takes that on

10. A group of women who I spend Tuesday evenings with in great conversation

11. My last-Thursday of the month group of women from my grade school

12. Adoptive parents who loved me

13. A birth mother who dared to give me up, and who I will never know

14. The smell of spring

May 1, 2010

15. For the quiet of early morning hours

16. For another day in the beauty of creation

17. For the warmth of a blanket

18. For the memory of my father’s last days

19. For our daughter coming home after her first year of college

20. For hugs–held a little longer

21. For God’s faithfulness in everything

22. For grace and forgiveness

23. For running hot and cold water

24. The smell of coffee

25. Tears of remembrance

May 3, 2010

26. For a loving God

27. For Christ

28. That the sky displays Your craftsmanship

29. For Your ever presence

30. For just being God

31. For the peace that comes from knowing, from faith in the Father

32. For all the gifts, because they are from You, the Giver of all

33. For forgiveness and second chances

34. For unconditional love

35. For all the gifts I failed to recognize or simply tucked away.

May 4, 2010

36. Waking up before the sunrise, or the birds

37. My son’s voice on the other end of the phone

38. Extra long hugs

39. My husband’s calm in the storm

40. A dog that smiles

41. The gift of words

42. For books that make me reflect and  desire to be closer to God

43. For primary colors

44. For all the flowers blooming in our garden

45. For my morning coffee

46. For water

47. For another day

May 5, 2010

48.  God is good

49.  For answered prayers, in His time, not mine

50. For music

51.  For my husband’s chance to play music with friends

52. For my son’s smile this morning

53. For students who inspire me

54. For wool socks on cool spring days

55. For the friends I hung out with last night

56. For the chance to share my joy today with my sister and a friend

57. For dog hair on the carpet, because I love the dog who left it there

58. For the sound of rain on the roof

59. For the baby Robins right outside our window

May 6, 2010

60. For every breath

61. For every tear

62. For every hug

63. For every smile

64. For moments when silence is the only answer

65. For mothers

66. For birth mothers

67. For quiet moments

May 7. 2010

68. For friends who make me laugh

69. For fresh strawberries

70. For flannel

71. For great movies and movie makers

72. For faith when the world seems to have gone mad

Monday, May 10, 2010

73. For early mornings

74. For not knowing what to say sometimes

75. For friends who do

76. For the gift of parenthood, even when I feel less than adequate

77. For wisdom teeth

78. For homemade lasagna

79. For more to read and grade

80. For beautifully written words

81. For busy days following days of rest

82. For families trying to work things out

May 24, 2010

88. For every breath

89. For knowing love

90. For knowing I am the object of that love

91. For knowing and trusting that my husband is the object of Your love

92.  For Your word

93. For knees that are able to drop to the floor

94. For aches and pains that remind me that I am alive

95. For spring rain

96. For the green and colors that follow

99. For the sun breaks that give hope of new life

100. For gentleness

101. For peace

  1. 57. For dog hair on the carpet, because I love the dog who left it there — I love this one. I’m going to use it with the dog and the kids. As in, for the dirty dishes in the sink that didn’t get put in the dishwasher, because I love the kid who left them there. What a great way to redirect annoyance to gratitude. Here’s another one — for my friend who leaves such inspiring ideas on her blog!!

    • Galen — You make me smile! How about: For blogs that bring us closer in friendship, because they let us share our hearts in ways that might have otherwise taken us years.

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