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Thoughts on Christmas morning.

Inspired by Walking

Cape Lookout Hike Aug 15 2012 036


darkness stands silent
anticipating another dawn
as winter’s mist
blankets all creation

I breath in
the mystery
the beauty
the hope
of what’s to come

who knows what the new day brings
but I stand
palms open
ready to receive
this unearned gift

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Autumn’s Breath


A crisp oak leaf rests gently,

as if sleeping

among the tiny, ruddy-leaved limbs of the azalea bush.


as though the tenderest of souls

in God’s creation.

Cared for

by the learned limbs

who know that they, too, shall soon surrender their ruby garments

to autumn’s breath.


Life changes

It’s been some time since I’ve written here.

Far too long.

But I’ve needed silence.

Instead of writing, I’ve been walking.

Walking in the beauty of God’s creation.

Walking among the trees and along the streams.

For now, that is what I need.

But, dear followers, I’ve started another blog for short, walking-inspired photography and poetry.

If you’d like to follow me there, you’ll find it here at Inspired by

I’ve missed you all and appreciated the emails I’ve received from some of you reaching out.


–Godspeed, Elizabeth  (aka Anne Elizabeth)


If I Knew I Could, I Would. . .

I’m joining Lisa-Jo at Gypsy Mama again for 5 Minute Friday.  Join us! Just write for 5 minutes–no edits, no extra time–just write and post.  The theme today is “If I knew I could, I would. . .

If I knew I could find the words that would convince you that God loves you, I would drop everything and spill those words out for you to hear and watch your eyes and heart light up.

If I knew the acts in my life that would show you how much God loves you, and what peace you would find if you knew Him, I would stop everything else and just do those things that would show you.

If I knew I could find another person in this world who could help you to see God and have faith the way I do, I would push aside my introverted nature and introduce you to that person and serve you tea and cupcakes while you talked.

If I knew that I could point you to a passage in scripture that would speak to your heart and show you His, I would sit with you in silence as you read and pray for God’s presence at that moment.

If I knew that I could pray for God to pursue you and prepare your heart and that nothing I could do would help, I would pray anyway because I love you that much, and because I know God loves you that much, and because I know hope and faith and love prevail. . . .


Sometimes I Just Don’t Want to Write.

Sometimes I just don’t want to write.

My mind just wants to be numb. 

My heart just doesn’t want to feel.

I don’t want to pour out the heartaches and wounds of this tired soul.

I’d rather sit alone in silence. 

Hold it in. 

Pretend that life is perfect—or at least just fine–in these four walls.

Just not feel or even blink at the chaos that unravels around me and then lands in my lap a tattered mess.

 But who would I be kidding?

 I need to write.

It frees me from the loneliness of this life. 

This broken, shattered life.

It gives me hope. 

A voice.

And in the distance, I hear an echo.

“That is my life too.”

I find community. 

I find others with wounds like mine. 

Others who know that life is not perfect within the four walls of our homes.

That we are not perfect wives or mothers or daughters or sisters or friends.

Others who know the heartache of loss and love and loneliness.

 And in that community, I find hope.

I find renewal.

I find peace in the unraveling chaos.

 Because, in the midst of community, I find Christ.

He draws close and He is in the midst of it all.

The healer of wounds. 

The one who knits us together when the unraveling begins.

The one who holds fast to us when the world has emptied us of all hope.

The one who gives hope to the hopeless.

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