Sometimes I Just Don’t Want to Write.

Sometimes I just don’t want to write.

My mind just wants to be numb. 

My heart just doesn’t want to feel.

I don’t want to pour out the heartaches and wounds of this tired soul.

I’d rather sit alone in silence. 

Hold it in. 

Pretend that life is perfect—or at least just fine–in these four walls.

Just not feel or even blink at the chaos that unravels around me and then lands in my lap a tattered mess.

 But who would I be kidding?

 I need to write.

It frees me from the loneliness of this life. 

This broken, shattered life.

It gives me hope. 

A voice.

And in the distance, I hear an echo.

“That is my life too.”

I find community. 

I find others with wounds like mine. 

Others who know that life is not perfect within the four walls of our homes.

That we are not perfect wives or mothers or daughters or sisters or friends.

Others who know the heartache of loss and love and loneliness.

 And in that community, I find hope.

I find renewal.

I find peace in the unraveling chaos.

 Because, in the midst of community, I find Christ.

He draws close and He is in the midst of it all.

The healer of wounds. 

The one who knits us together when the unraveling begins.

The one who holds fast to us when the world has emptied us of all hope.

The one who gives hope to the hopeless.


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  1. Elizabeth, I love this poem. My favorite part (besides Christ in the midst of it, of course) is:

    And in the distance, I hear an echo.

    “That is my life too.”

    So glad you keep writing and are part of the community. It’s a better place because of you and I find encouragement and strength in knowing “That is my life too” when I read your posts. Peace and hope, Linda

  2. I’m emerging from one of THOSE periods right now Elizabeth – so I know it well. I found renewal too from community, from Our Lord, and time – and perspective. Looks like we both look in the same places. I know I’ve looked other places before – not nearly as good. God Bless and keep you and all of yours. I really hearted this post. Thank you.

  3. I understand that sometimes you don’t want to write, but it always makes my day better when you do!

  4. Thank you for sharing.


    “Because, in the midst of community, I find Christ.”
    I followed you from Linda K’s blog and here I find more community… I’m happy I came over.

    Thanks for blessing me today.


    • Ann –
      Thanks so much for stopping by. It is so true, though, isn’t it — that we find Christ in the midst of community? The relational God shows up when we are in relationship with others. –Godspeed, Elizabeth

  5. Thank you for encouraging us and making the community stronger! God bless you!

  6. Thank you for writing and making the connections, with Christ! Thanks to Linda too for leading me here 🙂

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