Five Minute Friday: Love not Fear

I’m joining Gypsy Mama today for Five Minute Friday.  Just sit down and write for five minutes–no more–then post!  It doesn’t need to be perfect.

Here you go:

Love Not Fear

We walked briskly from the restaurant through the Park, sun close to setting. My friend by my side, walking toward the theater for a night of sweet voices at the theater.  The homeless men who lived in the Park seemed to be settling in to their usually places.  But one younger man approached us.  “Hello Ladies” he said.  Voice chipper, almost giddy.  But his eyes and his clothes told a story of struggle.  Of long days and nights without shelter or the chance to give his clothes a good scrubbing.

I glanced up, smiled, and met his eyes. “Well hello! How are you?” I said as we continued to walk.

My friend looked down. Then, she grabbed my arm and said, “You’re friendly…?”

I knew the unspoken words at the end of her sentence, “. . . to them.”  To the homeless men and women and teens and children on our streets.  To those who dig through the garbage cans to find food.  And who urinate behind buildings, or anywhere they can find a little privacy. To those who might be mentally ill or just lost and alone. To those who shiver at night not just from the cold, but from the loneliness.

I sensed fear in her voice, not arrogance. And, I understood. We fear those we don’t understand.  I don’t know why.  We just do.  If you met me, you would know that I fear, just like my friend.  That I fear too much.  I fear what I don’t know.

But, we should respond with love, not fear. So, next time when you feel that quick flash of fear come over you when you meet someone who is different or who you don’t understand, remind yourself:

Love not fear. . . Love not fear.


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  1. Good lesson for us all – Love not fear. I enjoyed your post!

  2. Elizabeth, I would say that was 5 minutes well spent! This is a terrific reminder of how we need to not let fear dwarf love. If God is love, then love is so much bigger and stronger than fear, if only we will let it be. I read a post on another blog the other day in which the blogger relayed a story of stopping to talk to a homeless man who was sitting against a building in a slight drizzle reading his Bible. She stopped to chat about what he was reading instead of just walking on by. We need to remember that the homeless are people, too, and people end up homeless for a lot of reasons out of their control, not always because they are bad or dangerous people. Peace, Linda

    • Linda –
      Thanks for stopping by today. It is so true that people become homeless for many reasons–especially in this economy. I imagine times when I could have become homeless if just one tiny thing happened that was unexpected.

  3. Enjoyed catching up on your blog today! I try to think of every person as a child of God. It doesn’t hurt to say hello or smile at all God’s children. Thanks for several great posts. Welcome back!

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