Living Every Day.

I welcomed 2011 in a little differently this year, as my friend and fellow blogger, Galen Pearl, suggested. I sat down and wrote a letter to say goodbye to 2010 — all the things it gave me–grace, peace, sadness, joy, and much more.  And, I wrote a letter welcoming in 2011.  I wrote a letter of hopes and dreams.  Of anticipation and intentions.

It felt great.

And, as Galen suggested, I picked a word for the year. Galen suggests picking a verb and posting it in places where you will see it — on your computer, by the mirror, on the dash of your car.   I picked the word live — as in “live every day to its fullest.”

I picked live not because I’m not productive or happy or can’t pull myself out of bed in the morning. Rather, I picked live because I find that I am often driven by my fears and the “what ifs,” which stop me from living fully. My hope is that by choosing this word and by praying and being mindful about living fully, that I will trust more, take more chances, love more deeply.  That I will live for the possibilities of what God has in store for me than by the fears that hold me back.

I wrote two posts in 2010 on how I let fear and “what ifs” shape my life in negative ways. How these fears and this inner dialog of fear move me away from Christ.  But, that trusting God to write my life story — a story of hope and grace and joy rather than fear and shame — moves me toward Him.

This year, I want to write the story God has planned for me. I want to live a life of hope and grace and joy.  I want to trust Him to fill me and guide me.  I want to rest in His arms and seek His face. I want to move toward Christ, not away.

I want to live. And,  I want God to write the story of what it means to live. And, I want to see the story that emerges when I trust Him. So, welcome 2011.  I’m ready!

Father God,

Forgive my ‘what ifs’ –those that take the pen from your hand, that make me the editor in chief and relegate you to proofreader.

You write the story of my life.  You provide hope and peace.

You imagined the story of life and the story of all things You placed in this universe.

You give life, hope, love, grace.

You are the author of all.

Let me see and hear the ‘what ifs’ You want me to imagine and to live out. Open my eyes and my heart to the possibilities You imagine.

Let me live every day as You desire.



Thank you Galen Pearl for your encouragement. Thank you for the word of the year.


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  1. You’re welcome! What a nice new year surprise to visit your blog (first one I visited in the new year!) and find a reference to moi. I am so glad we have become blogging buddies in addition to the other aspects of our friendship I treasure so much. Live is a great word. My word is yield. Let’s see where these words lead us this year! I’m excited for both of us!

  2. Hello, my word is “serve”. I have committed myself to serve those in need, which I believe is what God called us to do. I thought I would share this with you. Thank you and God bless. Happy New Year!

    • Noel – Great word. And, I visited your blog. I appreciate the candor of your post about how we let life distract us and take us away from serving. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your word of the year with me! Praying that you are blessed by serving others this year.

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