Reclaiming Christmas and the Malls for Christ

As the last days of advent slip by, the shopping malls become mobbed with last minute shoppers. The frenzy to buy those last minute gifts begins.  The stress mounts.  Traffic. Wet roads.  Jammed parking lots.  Lines to pay.  Shoppers walking among other shoppers.  The rudeness gene kicks in–you know what I mean?  The “me first” attitude.  The “I got here first” mentality.  The “get out of my way” expressions. The dirty looks when you even slightly bump someone and turn to apologize.

Where is Christ in this picture? Well, I think you’ll agree, He’s not.  He’s lost in the commercial, profit-driven, season.  But the good news is that some folks are reclaiming Christmas and the Malls–reminding the crazed shoppers that Christ is what this season is about.

In a shopping mall in Canada, a flash mob blessed the shoppers with a beautiful, and moving, rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus. Over a hundred members of the Chorus Niagara converged on the food court and, well . . . see for yourself!

How will you reclaim Christmas (and the malls) for Christ this year? You don’t need to organize a flash mob.  But, perhaps just plan or spontaneously do one small thing that might bless someone caught up in the commercial, profit-driven message.  One small thing that allows God’s radiance to shine in the darkness.


(the video was made by


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  1. What a great video! I read a post on another blog about getting “malled” at the mall, a clever play on words. I can’t sing, so what can I do? Well, I let a harried shopper with a small child get ahead of me in line. I held the door for the overloaded UPS guy at the shipping center. I didn’t really think about it, but now your post has inspired me to look more deliberately for opportunities to bring Christ back into Christmas. Thank you!

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