Finding God at 3 o’clock in the Morning

I often lay awake in the middle of the night. Pitch dark.  Room illuminated only by the  digital clock sitting silently on my night stand. 3:02 am.  Again.  I’ve seen this time too often lately.

I wonder why I can’t sleep. Why this time of isolation seems to come so often.  I wonder if God has His hand in it.

So, I lay there and listen. I listen for God’s voice.  I ask Him what it is about this time of night that He finds sacred.  What is it? Why now?

I listen. But, I hear no response. Silence is all I hear.  And then,  I hear the wind.  The rain.  Traffic in the distance. My husband’s slow rhythmic breathing.

Then I hear it. “Just be still.”

So, I lay there and just breathe in the silence. I inhale.  “Abba.”  I exhale. “Father.”  “Abba.  Father.”

I find peace in the dark, empty, night. I find God present. And, I find comfort in being still, because God assures me that He is with me.

Be still. And know that I am God.

I need this reassurance. This time. I haven’t felt God’s presence in my daily life in recent weeks.  I felt, instead, as though I were walking in the desert. Thirsty and tired. Distracted by the noise of my daily life even when I set aside time with God.

And so, I no longer dread the 3:00 am wake up call from God. I know, instead, that it is His answer to my prayers.  His response to my longing to escape the desert and to find His thirst-quenching peace.

I breathe in, “Abba.  Father.”

He responds,  “Be still and know that I am God.”


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  1. Welcome back! I have missed your blog so much. This is a lovely, peaceful reminder to rest in God in restless times. Be still….

    But don’t be quiet–keep writing!

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