God is the Basis of All My Acts

A friend recently asked the question, “What is my driving force?” She struggled with the question when she asked herself; so, she turned to family and friends for an answer.  Her question, sent via email, caught me by surprise. I wrote her back saying I had no idea and that I had no idea what mine was either.

My friend responded to my email, which provided even more food for thought. A friend of hers, years ago, told her that her driving force was fear.  I could so relate.  How often I have responded with fear to events in my life– Why do I ever fear? My friend’s email suggested that my driving force was thoughtfulness.  Wow.  I liked that.  I liked that she thought that.

But, my heart knew otherwise. Yes, I’m thoughtful of others.  As a mom and wife, I know I have sacrificed much and placed my kid’s and my husband’s needs and desires first. I work hard as a teacher because I think of my students and how important their education is to me–that they really learn, not just listen to some pompous professor spout about an irrelevant topic.

Her response kept me thinking, however. I hadn’t ever considered that I might have a single driving force–something that provides the foundation for everything I do.  Every response I give.  Every action I take.  All that I am.

I wanted to think that God is the driving force in my life. But honestly, I knew better.  So often I haven’t turned to Him.  So often I haven’t wanted anyone to know that I profess to be a follower of Christ–because my response or actions fell so short of the message of Christ.  So often I’ve let money, praise, fear, or selfish motives drive me.

The question continued to plague me. Then, last night when I sat down to read from a book on forgiveness–a book I had read before–a sentence on the page jumped out at me.  It was as if it were the only thing written on the page or at least the only thing highlighted on the page.  It said:

God is the basis, the cause, and the source of all that I am, of my whole being and all my acts.

— Free of Charge, Miroslav Volk

The message sang out: even when I fall short, God is the basis of all. His grace, forgiveness, mercy, love.  They cover me, and I give thanks.  I am blessed.

What is your driving force in the midst of the messiness we call life?


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  1. Since I was the friend who started all this, I would love to respond! I love your post. No surprise–I always love your posts.

    I sent the question to several friends. Here is how one responded–“I would say the driving force in your life has always been God.” Of course, I liked this just as you liked what I wrote about you.

    While it is true that the driving force in my life for many, many years was fear, I know that isn’t true anymore. But what is it? Like you, I would like it to be God. Although I don’t turn to God as often or as consistently as I might, I do love God. I try to love God with all my heart and mind and soul and strength. So maybe love of God is what drives me now. And love drives out fear. It’s really the only thing that does.

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