Creativity: A Gift from the Creator

Yesterday, a thief stole several artworks from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. The New York Times reported that “a lone, hooded intruder, clad in black, managed to break into the Art Deco building by the Seine overnight Wednesday.”

The works, by Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Léger and Modigliani are considered masterpieces. Art created by artists with incredible gifts.  And, up until yesterday, the public has been able to enjoy the beauty and intricacies of their work.

Now that the works have been stolen, few people will see and admire them. Detectives speculate that the work was stolen as collateral for black market loans.  And, because the pieces are so well known, they will not be sold–at least publicly.

And so, these beautiful masterpieces, painted as an expression of life, will be hidden away from public view. Art that honors the Creator.  Art that reminds us of the gifts He provides.  Art that displays His creativity and the beauty of creation. Concealed and secreted away.

The thought makes me sad.

God took up His paintbrush, His color palate, His voice to create this beautiful world. And then, in His image, He created us.  He gave us the gift of creativity.  Not to hide.  But to share as a reflection of Him.  To express passionately in response to Him.  Even as an act of worship.

So, today, I open my eyes and heart and seek beauty. I write as a response to Him.  I seek beauty in the world around me.  And I am reminded that He shows us that beauty and creativity come from Him.

I stand in awe and wonder. God. First painter, potter, dancer, writer, poet, singer, songwriter. His creation gives me hope.

And so, to the lone, hooded intruder, clad in black, I pray that you will cast your eyes on God’s creation–His masterpiece–and that His grace and hope will become real to you.


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  1. Excellent post! God, our Creator, unfolds creativity from His children and places His works for all to see.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I found it interesting that you say that this art (MODERN ART!) honors God.
    These artists, some of them, used their gifts for their own glory, and the message in their art is godless. But, I believe there is no escaping God when your job is to create beauty.
    Even the “rules” of color theory point to creation, which points to God. So, in a round about way, God gets the glory, even when it’s unintentionally done. I guess it depends on your perspective.

    I think our gifts are a resource that we can use for His glory or squander on ours, therefore it’s very important to use our talents with the right motives.

    • Joann – I appreciate your point of view. I agree that our gifts can be a resource that we can use for His glory or squander on our own. While perhaps these artists were not motivated by a desire to honor God, I think their works are important because of the gifts these individuals had. The display of their work in a museum, among other works allow others to see how individuals interpreted and expressed life in their time. And, perhaps such works, would inspire others, who might use their gifts to glorify God, to create beauty. As you say, perhaps it is “round about” or unintentional. Thanks for stopping by! Godspeed, Elizabeth

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