This is Life

A sea of papers sit in piles in front of me. Papers to grade. Words written, thoughtfully.  Hopes that the teacher will find brilliance written there.

Silence surrounds me. My mind wonders and I look out on the sea.  The ocean, set out before me this mid-May day.  Soft clouds loom over head, gray.  Sky and sea become one canvas of grays and whites.  Surfers wait, patiently. Small dark specks bobbing in the waters.

I return to the papers, but I feel the sea and sand beckoning me. I can’t escape the lyric voices.  Birds calling. Wave’s rhythmic roar. Like the Sirens, lyric voices.

I must walk. I bundle up and close the door behind me.  Sea air. Damp mist. Wind at my back.  Creation.  God’s beauty.

This is life.


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  1. Happy for you….

    Love and hugs!

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