Trusting God

In middle school my daughter made friends with a little girl who had some disabilities. One day, when I took her over to this friend’s home, the mother invited me in for tea.

She shared with me their story. Her daughter had been born with a genetic disorder, but she also had a problem with her epiglottis–the small flap of cartilage that keeps food from going down the windpipe so we don’t choke. Doctors needed to operate to correct the problem, otherwise she would die.  In trying to correct the problem, the unthinkable happened: her entire epiglottis was destroyed.

I don’t remember all the details, but after over a year of lying in the hospital, tube feeding, and eating small amounts of soft food that she–hopefully–would not aspirate–this young girl’s mother had seen enough of the hospital. The doctors allowed her daughter to go home. Her mom just felt that the hospital was not the place they were supposed to be.  They needed to be home.  She needed to just trust God to care for her daughter.

The prognosis was not good. The little girl would likely aspirate food and die. It was just a matter of time.

Instead, a miracle happened. This tiny child “learned” how to eat, closing off the windpipe, without the epiglottis.  Her body adapted.  Doctors told her mother they had never seen this before. It was a medical miracle.

When this little girl joined my daughter’s class, she was 13 years old. She was frail and had other disabilities that made her quite a few years behind her peers academically.  But, she was the sweetest, most loving young girl.  My daughter adored this little girl’s kind and gentle spirit.  She taught my daughter much about loving others and overcoming life’s obstacles.

Life hasn’t been easy for this family. But they have life.  A life filled with miracles. A life that has touched the life of many others–doctors, children, families.

This sweet mother, who loved her daughter, just trusted God. She took her daughter home–scared, unsure, but confident that home was where they needed to be. And, God gave them life.

Perhaps this wasn’t the life this mother imagined for her and her daughter. But, I am grateful for this life–for this mother’s trust in God.  I am grateful for the glimpse of God’s heart that it allowed my daughter and me to see.

Perhaps all we need to do is trust God. And, to just respond to what He asks of us.


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  1. Elizabeth,
    I’ve returned to my writing. God has lifted my heart and set upon a refreshed path with new determination. I want to thank you for your sweet words, kind thoughts, and healing prayers the past several weeks. I know God will lead me through this time and lovely believers like you keep reminding me.

    In His Love,


  2. Elizabeth,

    The greatest lessons we learn in life are usually from people in weakness. As the word says…when we are weak then we are strong. What a blessed family this one is…in spite of it all, they have being an inspiration to many!

    God is faithful. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Love, Gladwell

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