Glimpses of a Child’s Heart

Words reveal my son’s heart. They take me by surprise. Not because the words are a surprise, but because such words are held. Reserved for times of need. Reserved for the unexpected.

A heart once revealed. Now, held close to the chest. Like a poker player’s hand.

I understand. I once knew that posture. Rare glimpses of true self revealed–to parents.  A breaking away. Becoming self.  Carefully choosing what is shown.

I long to know his heart. But, I understand. And so, I wait for the glimpses and rejoice in them.

I think: God must feel this way. He must long to know us. True selves.  All of us. The deeply hidden.  The unmentionable. The heart and soul.

He waits. Patiently. If I will just open my eyes.  My heart.  Turn toward Him. Seek Him.  Listen.  Breathe Him in.


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  1. What a beautiful, reflective post.
    How we hide behind masks, how God just simply wants us to be true, a little vulnerable, simple ourselves!

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