Wounds that Give Me Hope

A friend shares how she loves to watch her daughter play at the playground. Sweet, beautiful girl.  She runs off to play with the other children.  Her mother feels joy, yet sees her daughter growing up, towards her own independence, even at this playground age.

She says, then something happens. A scraped knee or hurt feelings.  A daughter, wounded, runs back to her mother, my friend.

Beautiful daughter looks for comfort and she presses into her mother. Nestling her head snugly, tightly, into her chest and neck.  Her mother’s arms fold around her.  Holding tightly. Comforting.

I see Christ.

I run to Him–press in to Him–for comfort and courage in the healing. He says, “Look at my hands and my feet.” Scarred, yet resurrected.

His wounds give me hope. His wounds remind me that we heal. But, they remind me that we may emerge scarred–somehow, changed–after the healing.

His wounds give me comfort. I am not alone.  He went the distance on the cross to bring me life.  If I will just press into Him, He makes all things new.

His arms, with wounded hands, fold around me. Holding tightly.  Comforting. I press into Him.


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  1. thank you for sharing hope. Wonderful news!

  2. Elizabeth, I like the thought that we are changed after Christ heals us. Though some scars remain, they are reminders not of the pain but of the healing, of the resurrection. Peace, Linda

  3. I love the imagery this conjures up in my mind. I often feel so close to God at the beach, and your words put me right there. Thanks for blessing me today.

  4. Lyrics from one of my favorite Point of Grace came to mind in reading this:

    “Heal the wound, but leave the scar……a reminder of how merciful you are”…..I am broken torn apart…take the pieces of this heart….and heal the wound but leave the scar”…..
    I’ll build an altar where the rubble that you found me in and every stone will sing of what you can redeem…….”Heal the wound, but leave the scar…”

    There is beauty in the suffering!

    How blessed are we to know our Father and that we are His! Thanks so much for the reminder…..

    Love you! xoxo

  5. Elizabeth,

    I have found comfort and relief in His scarred but loving hands….many times over. What a blessed Saviour we have to fall back to!



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