Stumbling Into Grace

Our stories.

You wrote them all.

And so, why do we fear sharing–reciting, reading aloud–the stories                     You write for us?





Unshared storybooks line the shelves.


after book

after book.

They gather dust.

Those pages flowing with life.

Tears formed into letters on the page.

Wounds bound between the covers.

So now, gently, we lift a book from the shelf and open the cover.

We read.

Slowly at first.

Barely breathing.


Life pours out.

Puddles of ink in our laps.

I breathe.

I listen.

Tears flow.

Hearts open.

I know that story.

I know those tears.

The Author’s voice resonates.

We stumble into grace.


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  1. Awesome poem! It makes me ask why don’t we share our stories, which God has written? They are really His stories in which we are merely the characters. Perhaps it is fear that no one wants to hear. Peace, Linda

  2. Linda – Thanks. Fear grips us. We’ve talked about this before — we think we are the only one’s that feel a certain way or we think we are the only one living through a tough situation. But, we aren’t. We need our stories to be told. –Godspeed, Elizabeth.

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