Things Seen and Unseen

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

2 Corinthians 4:18, NIV

I stop and think about how I am living my daily life.

I think, it’s a good thing that what is seen is temporary. I think, with a grin, “Oh, good.  The dirty dishes and the pile of laundry will just go away.” I justify my priorities–other things matter more. Time with my husband and kids. Time in prayer. Time in relationship.

I think, in many ways, I can’t justify priorities and decisions I’ve made. I’ve focused too much on what is seen–having a nice home and all the things we have to make life “easier.” The American way of life.  I fret about little things. I dwell on things I have no control over. I try to control things in my life.

And, I realize emotions and feelings take my eyes off the unseen. Fear.  The need to feel safe and secure. Pain. Physical and emotional. Brokenness. The need to heal.

I think of the unseen that Paul speaks of in this passage. The Holy Spirit.  God. Heaven. Grace. True, unconditional love. Those things that, because of my faith,  I know, but can’t see.

I know that is what I desire. I imagine myself as a traveler–a nomad.  No permanent home.  Just, perhaps an old Volkswagen bus–okay, that’s a fantasy I have! But, living and spending time with people. Engaged in relationships. Serving those in need. Reflecting Christ. Then, retreating. Spending time, alone, with God. Filling up my soul so that I may set out again. I see myself living as though everything is temporary–and so every minute matters.  Life free of material things so that I may reflect Christ.  I desire that.  But, I don’t live that.

I have it half right. I seek God and fix my eyes on Him–just not fully.  I try to place family and friends–relationships–before tasks that lay before me (but I’m not always good at that either).  I seek to be led by the Spirit.  But, I am not a traveler free of the things of this world. I do not keep my eyes fixed on the unseen. I step into the lead position rather than allowing myself to be led.  I desire “stuff” more often than I want to admit.

And so, as I travel–one eye fixed on the seen and one eye fixed on the unseen–I pray that I may keep both eyes on the unseen. I pray for gentle reminders throughout my day.

Lead me.

Keep my eyes–my heart–focused on the unseen.

Help me to throw off the “stuff” of this world and travel–dance, twirl, gallop–unburdened.

Covered in grace, so that I may radiate joy in You.

The joy of the things unseen.

The eternal.

That which gives life.


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  1. I love the prayer at the end of your post. This will be my prayer today. I am copying it on a card so I can put it where I will see it often. Thank you.

  2. Great post! When we focus on the unseen we are more at peace. But it can be hard to do. It does seem strange to use a sight-related word – focus – to talk about something that is unseen. It is a mental focus on the unseen that is important, I think. Peace, Linda

  3. Linda – “focus” — yes, our mind, our heart, our inner sights on God–the unseen. –Godspeed, Elizabeth

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