On the Menu: Cappuccino & a Sex Slave

Imagine walking into your favorite cafe, ordering your coffee, and enjoying quiet conversation with a friend. And then, while you sit there enjoying your coffee, you witness men bartering to traffic a young woman into the sex trade.  What would you feel? What would you do?

This is happening all over the world. And we need to spread the word and educate ourselves about what we can do to bring a stop to this madness. And we need to act.

I’m getting ready to travel for a few days and don’t know whether I will have time to write. So, please follow Anne Jackson at Flowerdust.net. She is currently in Moldavia and writing about the horrors of sex trafficking.  Her reports of what she is seeing and experiencing are heart wrenching.

Here is the link to her latest post, The Sex Cafe.

Godspeed, Elizabeth


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