You are the light of the world – like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.

~ Matthew 5:14,

When my kids were little, I always knew when they were content and happy. They exuded joy naturally.  My son would gallop instead of walk–everywhere.  He would suddenly break into this little trot that sang out “I am the happiest kid in the world.”  My daughter would sit quietly, playing, and suddenly just start humming–even before she could talk.

Through these natural reactions to their life, they outwardly exuded joy. I know they never thought about showing their joy–they just did.  Like the verse from Matthew, like the city on the hilltop, their lights could not be hidden.

And, in outwardly reflecting their joy, I found peace and joy along with them. I knew that all was well.  I knew that they felt safe and happy and loved.  I was grateful I could see it in them.  Their joy, in turn gave me joy.

Joy is infectious. But, we need to enter into relationship with others to share it.  We need to look beyond our own four walls and our comfort zones and be the city on the hilltop–beaming with joy.  We need to become beacons of light.

When work gets really busy, like it is now, I tend to turn inward. I say “hello” to fewer people on the sidewalk. I don’t stop to chat with a colleague like most days. I close my office door–sending the message not to stop by. I stop being the beacon, and my light dims.  I feel it.  I stop showing the joy for life that I generally exude.

And so, today, the message from Matthew reminds me. I need to “hum” or “gallop” a bit so that my light will shine — at least a little, even during the busiest of days.

How will you let your light shine today?


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  1. Hi Elizabeth. I smiled on this one. Why because my daughter is still small and I can relate. But on the large scale…there are time when I feel too much is on me and I am unable to radiate that joy that is within. But thanks for the reminder. We are to stay on the top…so that others might receive what we already have. Let’s keep our joy and scatter it abroad…even through the computer screens.

    You are loved and appreciated,


    • Gladwell –I think we are so blessed by children because they do remind us of the joy we are meant to radiate. But, I agree that it is difficult sometimes. Stay strong and thank you for your kindness –Elizabeth

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