Take a Chance.

Have you ever noticed that you have an immediate bond with someone who you have walked through a major life event with? A real and powerful connection.

The recent experience of an acquaintance reminded me. She  arrived in Chile a few days before the earthquake hit last week.  She  arrived, looking forward to a six month stay as a Fulbright scholar at a local university.

And then the quake hit, along with the aftershocks and crumbling of homes and lives.  As she reports in her blog, she is safe.  But the message that comes across as she reports is one of connection with the people of Chile and one of community. They stand on common ground, having lived through the experience together. They hold a common understanding of the fear, loss, confusion, and hope arising from the events. While the images of the overwhelming events may stick with her forever, she knows she has a community of others who understand.

I imagine, had she arrived a few days after the quake, she would not experience that immediate connection.

The connections, arising from the routine–the ordinary experiences of life–require trust. Trust takes time. We build relationships.  Develop friendships.  So, we slowly and ever so cautiously open ourselves up to others.

But we need those powerful connections.  So, don’t be afraid to open yourself up to others. Be yourself. Take a chance.

My acquaintance in Chile opened herself up to the possibilities when she decided to go to Chile.  She took a chance and the unexpected happened.

But sometimes, the unexpected is just what we need.

–Godspeed, Elizabeth


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