God’s Sense of Humor

I love to laugh, so I look for glimpses of God’s sense of humor. I’m not sure why, but I find spring full of God’s humor–in the beauty of his creation.  Maybe it’s because the newness of spring makes me more aware.

Two days ago, I got soaked by a spring “shower’ while heading to my car, but the sun blinded me.  I laughed and jumped on tip toes past the puddles. God must like to mix things up, I thought.  Or, perhaps it brings Him joy to see us all splash around like children.

God's Creative Genius

Perhaps God likes to see how we will react to his creative genius. Last week, the crocuses had bloomed — darling purple crocuses standing side by side along the path to my front door.  Smiling up at me.  They are always the first sign of spring–at least in the Pacific Northwest.  But then, sometimes, like last week, the frost comes again. The crocuses have, once again, made their entry a tad early. As I race out to my car in the morning, the sweet crocuses bow down as I pass, ice crystals weighing down their beautiful heads.  I laugh.  Flowers that curtsy as I pass.  Clever. I never would have thought of it.

I find comfort believing that God has a sense of humor. It makes life’s troubles a little easier to carry, knowing that He not only loves us unconditionally, but perhaps that he laughs with us as we seek to be His hands and feet.

–Godspeed, Elizabeth


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