My Heart Turns Cartwheels

Sometimes my kids surprise me — in a good way.

When they were little, they shared everything with us — the little accomplishments, the disappointments, the boo boos, their fears, their joys.  I knew their hearts.  I saw their creativity and their dreams and hopes, daily.  They didn’t hold back.

As they have grown in to young adults, I find comfort in seeing little glimpses of their hearts and dreams and hopes.  It makes my heart do cartwheels to know them — even a little — as they become independent and share their lives with their dearest friends and now, long-term significant others.  Those moments that I am privileged to grasp, make me smile.

And so, here is a poem my daughter wrote.  It made my heart turn cartwheels — because it gave me a little peek into her heart.  And, it affirmed many things that I already knew about her.

I hope it makes you smile, too.
Just a little.


I apologize
That I can’t sit still
That I have no interest
In the Digestive Fate of A Sandwich.
I must confess
I am slightly distracted
By the giraffes
Playing jump-rope in my mind.
And though no one seems to notice
There is a very awkward man
In a garbage-bag poncho
Yelling for Moses
Across the street.
And the perfect leaf,
Once a parking ticket,
Once a trapeze artist,
Is laying trampled and soggy
Next to an abandoned shoe.
So please forgive me
If I seem a bit preoccupied:
There is music playing in my head
And I would much rather
Be befriending dragons.
[Or helping the awkward poncho-man
Look for Moses.]


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