God’s Hand. A Man Named Evan.

Two days ago, friends pulled a young man out of the rubble of a fallen marketplace building in Haiti. Given the recent earthquake that devastated the country, it was not unexpected, except, that it occurred 28 days after the quake.

28 days. No food. No human contact.

But hope. And, faith.

That young man’s name was Evan Muncie.

I don’t go around saying out loud things like “God is present,” “God has his hand in things.” Or other such statements. I think them and I feel them. But, I rarely share them.

I just can’t resist it here. This young man’s survival is a miracle. A wonder. God had to have his hand in things. I am certain.

Of course, the other side of things–the cynical side–is that God had his hand in all the devastation and suffering in Haiti, too. The poverty, the destruction, the death, the disease.

I know that God is present in all things. And, I wouldn’t try to explain why there is pain, and poverty, and disease in the world. Why God just doesn’t get rid of it all if he is all-powerful. That is beyond knowing and beyond fully understanding.

But, despite those human sufferings, we have faith, hope, and love. And, I know, just from my life experiences, that those three truly are powerful. And, that they spring forth with force during times of suffering.

While we could not prevent the earthquake, men and women — of all faiths and backgrounds — have stepped in to help the people of Haiti. We feel drawn to the people of Haiti. We have hope for her people. We have faith that perhaps, through this tragedy, we, as a world, can help Haiti rebuild and climb out of poverty and all that comes with that extreme poverty.

God reminds us–through the life of Evan Muncie–28 days later, that we need to keep our faith and hope and love for Haiti. God reminds us that his hand is in this all and that through Him all things are possible.


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